Shows at Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre in Branson, Missouri

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Featuring over 40 Chinese acrobats, the Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai is a Chinese acrobat show honoring the Shanghai culture through human strength, grace and charisma with elaborate costumes, lighting and special effects in its impressive performances. See dazzling rotating acts like Hoop Diving, Diabolo Yo-yo, Drum of Human Juggling, Butterfly Lovers, and more! Details
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$36.17 $24.17
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Emmy Award-winning group The Texas Tenors returns to Branson this season, bringing music from their new hit album to Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre. Performing original songs and everything from country to classical, plus all-new Christmas music, the Texas Tenors don’t disappoint. This limited engagement will sell out, so get your tickets in advance! Details
$48.52 $28.52
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John Schneider and Johnny Lee's gorgeous voices and creative compositions will serenade you for two hours in this memorable Branson show full of nostalgic billboard-charting music and melodies from the soul! Watch as these two performers, who have years of talent and a fantastic repertoire, give it their all on the Mickey Gilley Grand Shanghai Theatre stage. Details
$44.11 $22.11
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